Oral Health & Your Diet: Worst Food for Your Teeth

You work so hard to keep your teeth and gums healthy. You floss (almost) everyday and brush your teeth twice a day. Did you ever think that some of the foods that you eat affect the health of your teeth? You will be surprised when you read the list of some of the worst food for your teeth.

The Worst Food for Your Teeth

  1. Citrus Fruit – This food in general has many great health benefits, but these benefits do not include being good for your teeth. Foods like lemons, grapefruits or oranges contain a lot of acid which can erode tooth enamel over time.
  2. Chewy Candy – The general rule is that the sticker it is, the worse it is. These types of candy stick to and in between your teeth allowing bacteria to have a picnic in your mouth. The sugar is also converted into acid which affects your tooth enamel which can result in cavities.
  3. Pickles – The acid used to pickle the cucumbers is what is makes pickles one of the worst foods for your teeth. Just like citrus fruit, the acid from the pickles can erode tooth enamel over time.
  4. Soda – OK, this one may not surprise you. Most people know that any sugary drink can cause cavities, however what you may not know is that most sodas are also acidic. At times the acid in the drinks can be more harmful than the sugar that is in the soda.
  5. Wine – Not only are wines acidic, but they also enhance the dreaded discolouration of your teeth. It’s no secret that red wine leaves your teeth stained, but what you may not know is that the wine tannins tend to dry your mouth out which worsens the stains.
  6. Crackers – The carbohydrates in crackers quickly turn into sugar in the mouth providing food to the infamous bacteria living in your mouth. On top of that, crackers are mushy when eaten and can get easily lodged in between teeth.
  7. Coffee – This one may disappoint many of you. Coffee is a huge stain causing food, even worse than tobacco.
  8. Tea – Thought you were out of the woods because your drink tea? Not so fast! Black tea is actually worse than coffee. Additionally it contains tannins (like red wine), which can enhance tooth stains.

Now that you know which foods are the worst for your teeth, you can be more conscious when making the decision to eat/drink them. Keep in mind that any of the above items, in moderation, will not cause extensive tooth damage. However, doing things like chewing sugar-free gum and drinking lots of water can counteract the effects of the worst foods for your teeth.

To find out what foods are beneficial to your teeth, visit the Ontario Dental Association’s website.

Oral Health & Your Diet: Worst Food for Your Teeth 1

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