Here at Century Stone Dental, we want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible. We care about your well being as much as your oral health and want to ensure every measure is taken to enhance your experience with us. This is why we offer sedation services here in our comfortable office in Hamilton.

We take dental anxiety very seriously and offer IV sedation for severe dental procedures, or for those wanting to be asleep during their appointment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you understand how the process works, and if it's the right treatment option for you. If you have more questions on the matter, please don't hesitate to call ahead and ask! We don't want your fear stopping you from obtaining necessary dental care.

What Is Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety is when a patient feels very stressed, fearful and/or anxious about going to the dentist for any kind of dental procedure. It could be brought on by certain triggers like the sound of drills, seeing a needle, seeing the dentist, a previous bad memory (even if it was years ago), trust issues, those who have a bad gag reflex, and more. Symptoms of this can include things such as:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Low blood pressure
  • Crying
  • Signs of panic

Even just going to a general cleaning appointment can be difficult for patients and it can affect patients of all ages. This is why more and more specialized dental clinic in Hamilton are offering sleep dentistry, whether that be through nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), oral sedation (done with medications that are taken one hour before the procedure), or conscious sedation, also known as IV sedation.

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is accomplished by applying the sedation drug through intravenous in a vein. It puts you in a semi-awake state, where you'll be closely monitored by an anesthesiologist while dental work proceeds. You won't feel anything and you'll still be able to answer questions. Our anesthesiologist can also adjust the amount of dental sedation you receive at any point in time to ensure you're even more comfortable. This is unlike general anesthesia where you're completely asleep and will only wake up after the effects have worn off. After IV sedation is removed from your vein, you should feel back to normal in no time, but we strongly recommend having someone with you to drive you home. You'll have little to no recollections of the procedure afterward.

Is IV Sedation Dangerous?

This is a relatively safe way to help patients calm down during their dental appointments, and most patients have no negative side effects to report. Prior to sedation treatment, we'll review your medical history to make sure it's 100% safe for you. As mentioned before, we also monitor patients very closely while they're under any form of sedation in case of any complications, but that's very rare. Sedation dental care has been around for a long time and has been providing patients with a level of ease knowing they no longer have to be afraid to receive the oral health care they deserve.

IV Sedation 2

Are You Awake During IV Sedation?

You’re only “semi-awake” when you receive IV sedation. This means you’re not fully asleep, but you’re not fully awake either. You still have an idea of what’s going on and can answer questions, but it’s unlikely you’ll remember anything once the IV is taken out. You won’t feel pain or the stress of visiting the dentist. Instead, you’ll feel calm, relaxed, and like you’re at the spa! This is unlike general anesthesia where you’re completely asleep and cannot respond to anything, though you may fall asleep during the procedure since you’ll feel rather drowsy. Depending on the procedure, you’ll be under sedation for approximately 20-30 minutes, unless it’s a more severe procedure.

Can Anyone Get IV Sedation?

Patients of all ages can benefit from sedation dentistry, including children. If you’d like to receive any type of sedation, we’ll go over your medical history to ensure it’s 100% safe. Not every patient will experience sedation dentistry the same, but there are generally no side effects after patients receive oral sedation, nitrous oxide or IV sedation. Depending on their health history, seniors may experience side effects, but we make sure every patient is well-educated about the process and understands why they may or may not be a good candidate.

How It Differs From Other Sedation Methods

Each sedation option is a bit different but we’ll help you determine which option is best for you depending on the level of consciousness you’re interested in. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, offers a mild form of sedation and is applied through a mask. You’re still awake but feel much more relaxed and can still answer questions. Once removed, you’ll feel back to normal almost instantly and be able to drive home yourself. IV sedation can be a mild to medium form of sedation. Our anesthesiologist will adjust the amount needed for each patient. After the dental work is complete, you’ll feel back to normal shortly and may or may not remember much about the procedure. Someone should drive you home afterward. With oral sedation, a pill is given to you approximately an hour before your appointment is set to begin. This works the same way – you won’t be completely asleep but you’ll feel stress-free and ready to tackle anything! Remember, you’ll need a ride home after this type of sedation too!

Ask Us About Conscious Sedation Today

Sedation dentistry has come a long way in order to provide patients with a level of ease and relaxation during their dental appointments. If you’re still curious about our selection of conscious sedation services, give us a call today to discuss if nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or IV sedation is for you. We want to help you feel comfortable in any way possible.


At Century Stone Dental, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about this procedure. Our dentist will discuss the best bone and gum grafting to get you on your way to a beautiful, functional smile! Call our office to book an appointment for one of our services today. Call at 905-545-4833 or email us at [email protected]