11 Ways to Get the Most From Your Dentist Visit

Each dentist visit provides the patient the opportunity to learn more about their oral health, get tips and advice from a medical professional and otherwise provide themselves with the comfort of knowing they’re in good hands with the dental professional they’ve selected for care.

How to Get the Most From Your Dental Checkup

Sadly, many patients fail to take full advantage of the dental visits. Some assume the dentist is there to provide them an exam, a filling, a cleaning or what have you and move on to the next patient. The truth is the dentist can help you reinvent your oral hygiene and health if you allow.

Follow these 11 tips to make the most of every visit to the dentist.

1- Prepare for the Dental Visit

Dental fears are very real and inhibit many people from visiting the dentist regularly or from acquiring the exact dental care necessary. Prepare for the visit and many of those worries are void. Many ways to prepare for a dental exam exist, each easing the stress and frustration of the visit so you get the care that you came for.

Make a list of the medications that you take and any health conditions affecting your life. It is important that the dentist knows both of these pieces of information before he provides care.

2- Write a List of Questions/Concerns for the Dentist

It is easy to forget important questions or concerns we have for the dentist once we arrive at the office. Ensure this does not occur by creating a simple checklist of the questions and concerns you’d like to ask and discuss in depth with your dentist.  Ask questions about anything related to your oral health and care and get the answers that you deserve!

3- Try to Relax

It is not easy to get the proper dental care when you’re nervous, anxious, or otherwise tense during the visit. It is important to relax, unwind and trust the professional selected to provide care to do just that.  

4- Ask About Alternatives

Although dentists may recommend a particle brand or service, patients are in no way obligated to use them. It is ideal for patients to ask about alternatives that may work just as well at a lesser cost.

Dental care is sometimes expensive, but the alternatives reduce costs and keep prices reasonable. Don’t put off the dental care needed for great oral health due to cost restraints when there are many alternatives available.

5- Ask for Toothbrush/Toothpaste Recommendations

It is important to purchase an approved fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth with, but some products provide better results than others. Ask your dentist for product recommendations. Sometimes it is worth spending a little extra for the best oral healthcare products. You don’t get a second chance at that great smile!

6- Arrive on Time

It is important to arrive at the dentist office on-time for the visit. Preferably, arrive 15-minutes early. Early arrival provides time to familiarize yourself with the waiting area and the office, which can alleviate some of the tension of the visit. Prompt, timely arrival also ensures that you get the care that you need without waiting for long period for the dentist or delaying other patients.

7- Let Go of Embarrassment

Some patients are embarrassed that they’ve let their oral health slip, that it’s been awhile since they seen a dentist and as result of many other blunders. They let this embarrassment stand in the way of sharing accurate personal information with their dentist. This leads to improper dental care! It is important that you are always honest and upfront with your dental professional.

8- Ask for Home Care Oral Health Tips

The dentist loves to discuss oral health with patients, especially if that advice leads to better at-home care. Visiting the dentist is important, but it is equally important that proper care of the teeth, mouth and the gums occurs at home, too. Show the dentist your interest in receiving these oral health tips and he’ll gladly divulge any information that you’d like to know.

9- Visit the Dentist Regularly

Two visits to the dentist each year is all that it takes to prevent many potential problems and treat oral health concerns before they become major issues. It is important to visit the dentist between these visits if you experience dental concerns such as a cracked tooth, spot a cavity, or even suspect oral cancer. Delaying dental care is never advisable, as it only worsens the problem and may add unnecessary stress to the day. When regular visits are scheduled with the dentist, he can better treat any problems as they arise.

10- Know What to Expect

We fear the unknown. Reduce some of the worry that a dental visit brings and learn what to expect. Plenty of information is available on the dentist’s website  and through various online websites. The dental office itself will also happily answer questions if you give them a call and inquire. Ask friend, family member, etc. more about the particular type of visit you’re preparing for as well. Oftentimes it is these people who provide us with the best information. Don’t be shy and get the inside scoop.

11- Investigate Before the Visit

The more that you know about the dentist, the more comfortable the visit will be. Visit the dental practice’s social media pages, website, etc. ahead of the visit to gain that insight that you want.  Browse the web for reviews and customer testimonials about the dental practice as well. An abundance of information is available that can help you ease into the dental visit with ease if you use it to your advantage.

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