Summer is now in full swing – the sun is out, the weather is hot, and the kids are off school. So, what do we do to keep our dental health in check during the next few months? Read on!

Dental Tips for Summer

With our schedules being jam packed with activities like splash pads, pools, sports and BBQs it may be easy to forget to brush twice a day. Being tired at the end of the day, sometimes we want nothing more than our bed, however we cannot let that get in the way of our oral hygiene. This is also true for our kids who need us to remind them to make sure to brush their teeth. This is especially true when kids are away at camp.

Now is also a great time to replace old tooth brushes with new ones. We usually recommend replacing toothbrushes at least twice a year. The best way to remember is around Christmas holidays and around summer holidays. As for traveling, it would be a great idea to have a spare brush in your travel case so you never forget your brush when you’re going away.

Next, if you haven’t already, book your kids in for their regular check-ups. School is no longer in the way, schedules are a little bit more forgiving as well. Most dental offices will accommodate summer hours and like ours – we are open Fridays and Saturdays now to better accommodate your schedules!

This tip may be an obvious one, but it is so easy to let it go in the summer. Stock up on healthy snacks. This means more locally grown fruits and veggies. Pre-wash everything before putting in the fridge so it’s easy to grab a snack on the go. Instead of buying store bought popsicles, try making your own from local fruit. Also, replace acidic pop and fruit juices with cool bottles of water.

Lastly, prevention of dental emergencies is key! According the Academy of General Dentistry, most summer dental accidents happen at the pool. They are a result of kids not following pool safety and running on slippery surfaces, falling and hurting their teeth. If an accident does occur, knowing what to do is important. If you find yourself in an emergency here are a few tips:

  • use clean water to clean area of blood and debris
  • use ice packs to take down swelling
  • use gauze to put pressure on wound to stop bleeding
  • if possible, put lost tooth back into the mouth & have child hold under their tongue until you reach a dentist
  • if that’s not possible, place tooth in milk or salt water
  • seek dentist immediately

Hopefully these tips can help your family with their oral health this summer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us  at 905-545-4833 or to schedule your family check up!

Enjoy the summer everyone!

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