Fall Events in Hamilton

Fall is many people’s favourite time of the year. We live in a great city with so much to do during Fall. We have complied a list of different Fall events in Hamilton, that you and your family can participate during the next couple of months. You’re welcome. The only deal is that the next … Read more

Combat Bad Breath with Food

Last week we went over the top 5 foods that can cause or make bad breath worse. This week we will go over the TEN foods that help combat bad breath. Foods that Combat Bad Breath Fennel Seeds –  These little guys neutralize bad odors and help digestion. On top of that they promote saliva … Read more

Toothpaste Guide for Your Teeth

The topic of toothpaste can be very overwhelming. It is such a competitive market, that as a consumer you really don’t know which one is best for you or your oral health. Here is a small breakdown to hopefully make your decision easier the next time you’re in the toothpaste isle. The Toothpaste Guide Fluoridated … Read more